Monday, 5 December 2016

Werd (SOS) - God Save The Public [LP]

God Save The Public: In these current times feeling trapped, stuck, without purpose and a little depressed in life is common. While Facebook and social media is pulling us apart, making us insecure or reinforcing people’s extreme beliefs, the media is dividing us with unwarranted fear and propaganda. If you notice and dislike this, you are certainly not alone...

‘God Save The Public’ is a mix of personal outlooks and political arguments over various styles of production. One man’s words, another man’s beats. This collection of 12 tracks shows both the offensive / aggressive side of hip-hop, countered with the calm and emotional song-writing; discussing inner battles and fear of current UK system and ruling class. If suicide doesn’t get you, the political elite might. This LP lashes out against both.

Werd (SOS) is an award winning Edinburgh based hip-hop artist & promoter well known throughout the Scottish scene. He has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Scotland’s top producers and artists in the genre. Making music for over 14 years in the capital, he now finds himself running more charity & non-profit community gigs, while pushing towards more emotional and political rap.

Darko Strauss makes whatever style of music he feels like making at the time. Having been influenced by metal, hip-hop and trip-hop when he was young, his music is an amalgamation of all three with a sprinkling of his personality thrown in. Sometimes melodic and emotional, however at times loud and harsh, he remains with a signature sound.


Cover art by Suky Goodfellow.
Written and Recorded by Drew Devine aka Werd.
Beat production from Darko Strauss.
Released 30th November 2016 on all good digital outlets. Itunes etc.

 Email contact:
Twitter: @WerdSOS / @darko_strauss

Hip-Hop & Ya Should Stop (Music Video):

Stutter Jack - Debut Release on Powercut

The obnoxious Stutter Jack style blends new and old boom-bap with Electro-style beats. This talisman of disassociated mind-craft unveils the grim depths with his personal warped lyrics of the darkest disclosure from his suppressed cerebral. His elaborate hip hop nihilism combines with tort and regressed convalescence both in outlook and lyrical style. The man society wouldn't accept has finally found his mouthpiece works, with a staggered speech impediment bringing twisted revelation to the underground of UK Hip Hop & world-wide. The six track E.p features production from Sean El & Kid Robotik.

Track Listing
1.      Splogged Reality Produced by Kid Robotik
2.      Chilling Produced by Sean El
3.      Simmer Down Produced by Kid Robotik
4.      Clown Face Produced by Sean El
5.      Rogue Clothing Produced by Sean El
6.      Pessimistic Potency Produced by Sean El

All music produced by Sean El unless stated,
“Splogged Reality” and “Simmer Down” produced by Kid Robotik
Lyrics written by Stutter Jack
Vocals Mixed by Rik Mono
Music Mastered by Synct aka Mike Stuart
Art Work by Alex Holman
Released by Powercut Productions 2016 all rights reserved

Monday, 28 November 2016

Conscious Route - On Da Up [Concept Video]

Conscious Route brings you this raw edgy truth of his life experience over haunting reflective melody, produced by UK producer Micall Parknsun. Conscious Route has been steadily building a solid repertoire over the last five years since his return to hip hop. This new release lays testament to his lyrical ability, as well as being reflective of his own life journey. The song takes you through layers of struggle and personal change as the chorus reflects the hope and purpose gained from struggle alongside a willingness to support the community towards progression and change. The hauntingly reflective lyrics ride on a tough instrumental back drop courtesy of Micall Parknsun, and this track isn't to be taken lightly, as both lyrics and melody take you on a focused journey, showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Produced by Micall Parknsun
Lyrics by Conscious Route
Mastered by Synct aka Mike Stuart
Art Work by Alex Holman

Dee - Broken Thoughts [HD Video]

Friday, 25 November 2016

Hazey Jay - The Cocoon [HD Video]

Released Under MCF | Music Comes First Records
Taken from the forthcoming 'The Butterfly EP' Out Soon.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Werd (SOS) - Hip-Hop & Ya Should Stop [HD Video]

Taken from "God Save The Public" by Werd (SOS)
Beat production by Darko Strauss.

Music Video Directed & Edited: Omar Al-Zidjali.
Available to buy on iTunes and all good digital outlets (30th Nov 2016)