Thursday, 14 March 2013

Werd (SOS) – Strait Jacket EP [FREE DL]

Werd (SOS) – Strait Jacket EP [2013]

Released on 13th March 2013, ‘Strait Jacket’ is the new concept EP from Edinburgh’s Werd (SOS). Taking a trip through a surreal world, and one that mirrors his own, these six tracks have been used as a tool to reflect.  Obscure, unusual, but typically personal, this is what happens when you combine quotes from a fairly average animated film, with the strangely arrogant-self loathing of a Scottish rapper.

‘Strait Jacket is set an alternate history where magic was proven to exist in the year 1899. The use of sorcery spread throughout all facets of society and changed the social and technological development of the world. The location is Tristan, an urban metropolis.

Due to an invisible contaminant called the ‘malediction’, or simply the ‘curse’, people who use magic too often are in danger of transforming into horrific, malevolent abominations of nature, completely immune to ordinary weapons and commonly referred to as ‘Demons’. Agents wear a suit of armor which resists the negative transforming effects of magic. These suits are referred to as ‘mold’ armor, or more commonly a ‘strait jacket’, due to the fact they constrain human beings in their natural form.’

Written / Recorded by Werd (SOS) at 'Sons of Scotland' studio based in Edinburgh. Beat Production from DJ Anemate, Scant Squad, DJ Sokol, Sea Bass, David Ross and Toni Smoke. Song illustrations by Yō Fujishiro taken from light novel series by Ichirō Sakaki. Not for sale or re-sale. Free Download.

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