Thursday, 22 May 2014

Loki signs to Black Lantern Music

Scottish rapper Loki has signed to Black Lantern Music to release his ambitious new album G.I.M.P. (Government Issue Music Protest). They will be announcing pre-sales, launch events and other special projects we have planned for the album release very soon...

Loki bio:

Friday, 16 May 2014

Who is Han CMC?

Han CMC:
Han CMC is an experimental Edinburgh hip-hop artist, previously releasing material with Perfect Practice and Blasfima Sinna before settling in the SOS camp. His first songs created a comedy / fun element to rap, but deep metaphor and wordplay always showed he had the skills for much more. His clever and socially aware raps where shown more in his debut release ‘Mental Shadows’, which also contains a lot of questionable content and debatable theories. 

Han CMC returned in September 2013 with his second official release. He also features heavily on underground material not seen online, with a music collection is somewhat a mystery to those that don’t know him personally. However, two solid releases on Sons of Scotland have shown the true level of this talented, yet unexplainable character. Perhaps you saw him supporting Action Bronson in Glasgow, or hanging back / side stage with Ghostface Killah in Edinburgh. One things for sure, Han CMC shows no fear on the mic, nor cares for negative feedback. Keep it positive, keep it Iron Fist.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Subkonsious - Subz Scene (Show N Prove DUB)

Plane Aggy - Snakes&Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is the most personnel material that Plane Aggy has ever recorded. Describing the Highs and Lows of life through play on words, he is done with fucking around with casua beats and trying to put down witty bars. Snakes & Ladders is the gritty truth about what has gone down along his journey in the "Music Game"

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