Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Soul Interview on Scotland Stand-Up

Pass The Vibes presents HOMEBOY SANDMAN (Live)

31 May at 22:30–03:00

The Mash House
37 Guthrie Street (Hastie's Close),
EH1 1JG Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Strangelove
  • Delighted Peoples
  • ESP 
  • plus DJ's

Tickets: We have a limited run of early bird tickets at £8 then the rest will be £10 plus standard booking fee.
Find Tickets online here: www.rippingrecords.com

Monday, 18 May 2015

Inner City Arts (Campaign)

Go here for full info / funding: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/inner-city-arts

Short Summary:

I'm Garry Anthony Fraser, I'm a BAFTA award winning filmmaker and social entrepreneur that focuses on issues in Scottish society that most people shy away from.  I focus on deprived council schemes and the young people who live in them. I can get through to the most hard to reach in our society,  but I need your help.  Really.   

 Wideo Media, a social enterprise I set up in 2012, aims to harness creativity in youths who are otherwise marginalised in society and empower them through the art of filmmaking. 

It's really important for me to help create stepping stones for socially excluded young people throughout Scotland as no one helped me out of addiction & crime in to higher education.   I found my own path, and now I want to leave a ladder for others to climb. 

Inner City Arts (ICA) intervention projects are a proven catalyst and real game-changer for the lives of the most vulnerable young people in society. They also benefit community safety, and increase life-chances. Edinburgh University Social Work & Political Science Dept will carry out evaluation of this project, our fourth so far. This will give us a social return of investment to help our case for future sustainability. We will work with 11 young people who are all in need of intervention & support right NOW!!!  And we need your help. 

Hector Bizerk - Rust Cohle [Music Video]

Rust Cohle from The Bell That Never Rang EP.
A song inspired by Matthew McConnaughey's character in the True Detective TV series.

Filmed on location in Austin, Texas by Jamie Logie (Bella Rebel Media).

Monday, 11 May 2015

Mog - New album on Free Download + Interview.


2xBAFTA award winning rapper/poet.

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland.

Also a member of Bang Dirty & Forgotten Policy.

Produced & Mixed by King Blue (SGM)
Additional Mixing & Mastering by Adam Holmes. Recorded at DKM Studios, Edinburgh

Direct album link: https://mogiam.bandcamp.com/releases

ShilohZen - Savage & The Zen feat: Sacre Noir and Werd

Savage & The Zen - ShilohZen featuring Sacre Noir and Werd
Produced by the Savage Sound System
MC - ShilohZen, MC - Werd, Vocals - Sacre Noir,